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2010-10-27Skip mapped nicks in export_xml().HEADmasterJon Bergli Heier1-2/+2
2010-06-03Return NULL from thread_func.Jon Bergli Heier1-0/+2
2010-06-03Degrade struct ircstats_config_t's members to int.Jon Bergli Heier1-1/+1
2010-06-03Merge branch 'textwriter'Jon Bergli Heier1-50/+78
2010-06-02Fixed word count i XML output.Jon Bergli Heier1-1/+1
2010-06-02Added a minimum word length config option, "wordlen_min".Jon Bergli Heier3-23/+22
Also did some minor cleanup of the word add code in process_file.
2010-06-02Cleaned up old code.Jon Bergli Heier1-56/+14
2010-06-02Fixed writing user data.Jon Bergli Heier1-7/+7
2010-06-02Attempting to use text writer instead of building an XML tree and writing it.Jon Bergli Heier1-28/+98
2010-03-26Fixed memory leaks in hash tables and nick list.Jon Bergli Heier4-1/+7
2010-01-28Fixed mutex locks on several objects in process_file().Jon Bergli Heier1-8/+20
2010-01-28Fixed monolog readings not being synchronized when using more than oneJon Bergli Heier1-3/+7
thread. This is solved by moving last_user, in_monolog and monolog_len to the heap. These are already inside the user_mutex lock when used.
2010-01-08Fixed compiler warnings.Jon Bergli Heier2-32/+32
Upgraded word_t's count to long long.
2010-01-08Implemented monolog counters.Jon Bergli Heier6-3/+30
2010-01-08Added -Wall to CCFLAGS for debug builds.Jon Bergli Heier1-1/+1
2010-01-08SConstruct: Use options to determine build type.Jon Bergli Heier1-6/+4
2009-12-12Replaced Makefile with SConstruct.Jon Bergli Heier3-25/+32
ircstats now builds by running scons instead of make. Build with DEBUG set to compile with -g. Also added scons-related stuff to .gitignore.
2009-11-22Added support for using pthreads.Jon Bergli Heier6-117/+191
Data processing (parsing) moved to parsing.c. The line parsing code is moved to its own function which is called from one or more threads (depends on the "threads" setting in the config file).
2009-10-23Store a pointer to the correct user (user->real_user) for users with mapped ↵Jon Bergli Heier2-5/+6
nicks to avoid looking up the nick on every call to user_get().
2009-10-20Parse kicks and store number of kicks and times kicked per user.Jon Bergli Heier7-11/+42
2009-09-06Count the number of total characters per user.Jon Bergli Heier4-2/+5
2009-09-06export_xml: Add continue after setting user when checking for the <NULL> user.Jon Bergli Heier1-0/+2
export_xml: Include string.h for strcmp.
2009-09-05Skip <NULL> when exporting users.Jon Bergli Heier1-0/+4
2009-09-05Fixed lines_node being added as a child of users_node instead of user_node ↵Jon Bergli Heier1-1/+1
in export_xml.
2009-09-05Convert characters to lowercase when counting words.Jon Bergli Heier1-1/+1
2009-09-05Add locale and multibyte support.Jon Bergli Heier3-11/+29
Set LC_CTYPE to support locales. Use wchar_t to handle multibyte strings. Generate character tables for PCRE to support locales.
2009-08-26Replace sprintf with snprintfJon Bergli Heier2-6/+6
2009-08-24Export words to XML.Jon Bergli Heier2-0/+19
2009-08-21Implemented nick_get - nicks can now be mappedJon Bergli Heier5-3/+23
2009-08-21Study the nick pcre patterns.Jon Bergli Heier2-0/+4
2009-08-21Read and add nick regexes from config.Jon Bergli Heier3-4/+45
2009-08-21Return a pointer to the nick struct or NULL in nick_add.Jon Bergli Heier2-4/+4
2009-08-21Added structs and functions for nick grouping.Jon Bergli Heier4-1/+109
2009-08-19Write data to an XML file.Jon Bergli Heier7-5/+94
File path for the XML file is read per channel from the 'xmlpath' option.
2009-08-17Count lines per quarter hour for channels and users.Jon Bergli Heier5-4/+20
2009-08-17struct channel_t shouldn't use sizeof(struct regexset_t)Jon Bergli Heier1-1/+1
2009-08-15Study compiled patterns to speed up matching.Jon Bergli Heier3-2/+12
2009-08-15Added a hash table to keep track of words.Jon Bergli Heier8-16/+100
Moved the sdbm hash function into sdbm.c. Init and free users and words inside the channel loop. Increased the size of the user hash table to 1000.
2009-08-15Only increment word count if len > 0.Jon Bergli Heier1-1/+2
2009-08-15Word count using ctype.h to check for alphabetic and blank characters.Jon Bergli Heier2-5/+38
Use defines for buffer sizes. Added missing fclose. Return pointer to the user_t struct in user_get.
2009-08-14Parse text and join lines.Jon Bergli Heier2-3/+37
Add users from text lines. Fixed hash table code.
2009-08-14Added a user struct which is stored in a hash table.Jon Bergli Heier3-1/+64
User nicks are hashed using the sdbm hash function.
2009-08-14Added irclogs to .gitignore.Jon Bergli Heier1-0/+1
2009-08-14Merge branch 'master' of ssh://athena/mnt/scm/git/ircstatsJon Bergli Heier4-34/+51
2009-08-14Main loop groundwork.Jon Bergli Heier4-1/+32
2009-08-13Store files as a linked list.Jon Bergli Heier3-33/+19
2009-08-13Added ircstats binary to .gitignore.Jon Bergli Heier1-0/+1
2009-08-13Init and free channels. Currently crashes when freeing existing config or ↵Jon Bergli Heier1-1/+5
2009-08-13Added channels.Jon Bergli Heier7-4/+161
Minor fixes - known bugs!
2009-08-12Free config and regex sets before exiting.Jon Bergli Heier3-0/+11
Free the regex sets array after freeing compiled pcre patterns.