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2010-11-05List untagged wallpapers from the new 'Other' page.HEADmasterJon Bergli Heier1-0/+44
2010-05-08Fixed main window tag view not checking child tags.Jon Bergli Heier1-9/+20
2010-05-08Fixed assigning non-toplevel tags to wallpapers.Jon Bergli Heier1-13/+24
2010-04-25Added a tree model to display tags in tree structures.Jon Bergli Heier1-38/+21
Adding children to tags is not yet implemented.
2010-03-21Move configuration options to the walls_config_t.Jon Bergli Heier1-2/+1
This closes feature #7.
2010-03-21Implemented a very basic configuration dialog.Jon Bergli Heier1-0/+19
This code is a bit hackish, all configuration options should be collected in a single place (eg. a config struct) in order to easily keep track of all configuration options.
2010-03-09Implemented zooming with scrollwheel.Jon Bergli Heier1-11/+52
This works by holding control down while scrolling up or down. Horizontal scrolling will now also work by holding shift down.
2010-03-09Implemented zoom buttons.Jon Bergli Heier1-1/+27
2010-02-18Implemented basic zoom modes (best fit and normal)Jon Bergli Heier1-8/+132
This lets the user switch between best fit and normal zoom modes. Zooming in and out is not yet implemented.
2010-02-07Added recursive removal of missing files.Jon Bergli Heier1-3/+26
2010-02-07Recreate the folder tree model when folders has been added.Jon Bergli Heier1-2/+16
2010-02-06Recreate tag list model in the correct place.Jon Bergli Heier1-1/+1
2010-02-06Implemented tooltips in the thumbnail view.Jon Bergli Heier1-3/+60
2010-02-06Typecast tagview with GTK_TREE_VIEW.Jon Bergli Heier1-1/+1
2010-02-06Recreate tag list model when opening tag tab.Jon Bergli Heier1-0/+1
2010-01-30Added options for recursive and non-recursive directory updating.Jon Bergli Heier1-5/+31
2010-01-30Added option to remove missing files from a directory.Jon Bergli Heier1-9/+52
2010-01-09Store original pixbufs so that preloaded images can be properly resized.Jon Bergli Heier1-5/+5
load_pixbuf() will now load the original pixbuf, then draw the pre-resized pixbuf (if any) while keeping the original loaded. This way the image will be properly resized when needed. Added mutex calls to preload_clear().
2010-01-07Fixed memleak in on_add_dir_action_activate().Jon Bergli Heier1-1/+1
2010-01-07Added browse tree popup with update option.Jon Bergli Heier1-0/+76
Fixed running consecutive directory adds/updates.
2010-01-06Implemented threaded preloading of images.Jon Bergli Heier1-43/+57
The number of preloads is currently hardcoded in preload.c, an option to change this will be added shortly.
2010-01-05Properly init GValue - don't use memset.Jon Bergli Heier1-5/+2
Replace strdup with g_strdup.
2010-01-05Call gdk_threads_enter() and gdk_threads_leave() around gtk_main().Jon Bergli Heier1-0/+2
2010-01-05Disable tags menu item when no items are selected.Jon Bergli Heier1-0/+6
2010-01-04Added -Wall to CCFLAGS and some code cleanup.Jon Bergli Heier1-4/+5
2010-01-04Clear old liststore when adding a new one to the thumbview.Jon Bergli Heier1-2/+14
2010-01-04Commented non-gtk callback fucntions in window_main.c.Jon Bergli Heier1-2/+21
2010-01-04Moved thumb thread start code to its own function.Jon Bergli Heier1-16/+19
2010-01-04Implemented tag searching.Jon Bergli Heier1-4/+140
2010-01-02Silently fail when no tags are available to update.Jon Bergli Heier1-1/+1
2009-12-30Basic adding and assigning of tags implemented.Jon Bergli Heier1-4/+129
Committing this before it gets out of hand. Only adding new tags is working atm. Created a text input dialog. Added a tag dialog. Other minor changes.
2009-12-25Use a timeout function to resize the pixbuf when moving the hpane.Jon Bergli Heier1-5/+27
This should fix the lag when moving the hpane.
2009-12-25Set image filename and resolution in statusbar and window title.Jon Bergli Heier1-5/+27
2009-12-23Use GKeyFile to store window positions.Jon Bergli Heier1-5/+41
2009-12-23Free GError with g_error_free.Jon Bergli Heier1-5/+5
2009-12-23Pop old statusbar message when changing image.Jon Bergli Heier1-0/+1
2009-12-23Show file name and image resolution in the status bar.Jon Bergli Heier1-2/+33
2009-12-23Set bg color of the image layout to black.Jon Bergli Heier1-0/+5
2009-12-23Reworked the main window.Jon Bergli Heier1-47/+84
Images are now placed in their own icon view. Folders are selected in the above tree view, while the icon view displays thumbnails of the images in the selected folder. The thumbnails are cached using the thumbnail specification (~/.thumbnails/).
2009-12-23Remember to free GError.Jon Bergli Heier1-0/+1
2009-12-23Fixed recursive adding.Jon Bergli Heier1-3/+32
Removed Imlib2 dependency.
2009-12-23Added som directory adding stuff.Jon Bergli Heier1-2/+15
2009-12-23Fixed automatic resizing of opened image.Jon Bergli Heier1-18/+59
Resizing the pane is currently very slow and buggy. This is will be fixed at a later time.
2009-12-22Viewing images in the image box now works.Jon Bergli Heier1-0/+73
Images are resized to fit in the image box on the right hand side. No further resizing is currently done unless the image is reloaded.
2009-12-22Fixed columns.Jon Bergli Heier1-0/+12
2009-12-22Removed more unused code in window_main.c.Jon Bergli Heier1-50/+0
2009-12-22Removed commented code and unused variables in window_main.c.Jon Bergli Heier1-26/+1
2009-12-22Initial commit.Jon Bergli Heier1-0/+152